Urban Popup: partner in innovation

Urban Popup works at the intersection of innovation, strategy and law, specializing in value creation in the broad sense of the word. We gladly advice you on accelerating the introduction of a new product or service – and on how to remove the barriers that impede a successful rollout.

We have a passion for new, intelligent technologies and it makes sense for us that production processes are as green / blue / circular as possible.

  • Market analysis: concept concretization, feasibility studies, (re-)positioning.
  • Alternative business models.
  • Marketing and lobby activities: the advantages of innovative products and services are sometimes a challenge to explain. We put your new product or service into words and bring it under the attention of your target group, stakeholders or politicians.
  • InnovationScan: identifies openings and contradictions in regulations that can accelerate or slow down the rollout.
  • LicenseScan: scans building permit process for unnecessarily delaying administrative procedures.

Prizewinning innovations
Urban Popup has won several innovation awards with LOFT2GO, a construction system that responded to a previously unknown gap in yet to be implemented building regulations: Accenture Innovation Award ‘Perfect Cities’, the CHANGE Award and City of the Future Challenge’.

Changing markets and new lifestyles are my specialty. My work and passion reside at the intersection of analysis, law and creativity. After I got my law degree at the University of Utrecht,  I spent a large part of the 1990s in Asia, which turned out to be my formative years. I worked as a journalist and market entry strategist in Hong Kong, Saigon and Bangkok, where I can still be found regularly, although I enjoy spending time in Africa too.
Marie-Claire Aarts


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